And the new Good, The Bad, And The Queen record is nearly done
Andy Hill
12:30 13th July 2018

In a quite bizarre bit of musician one-upmanship, craggy nineties front geezer Damon Albarn the other day responded to concerns about his bandmate’s health following a nasty fall off stage by bragging that he himself, Albarn, has inadvertently tripped off more stages than you’ve had hot dinners.

Bit of context – last week during Gorillaz’ set at Denmark’s Rosklide festival, rapper Del The Funky Homosapien slipped off stage during the cartoon band’s closing rendition of 2001 hit ‘Clint Eastwood’. “I’m doing alright but will be in the hospital for a bit,” Del tweeted the following day, quite bravely considering he’s punctured a lung, and generally smashed the shit out of himself. Silly billy.

Anywhoo, his bandmate Albarn, speaking to Matt Wilkinson at Beats 1, was quick to bring fans up to speed:

“Del is in hospital still in Roskilde,” Albarn says. “He’s got seven fractured ribs, and he punctured his lung on one side, lacerated it on the other.”

So far, so genial.

“He’s gonna be fine. It was just a stage fall, and I’ve fallen off stage several times, off stages way higher than that and I’ve been so fortunate.”

Whoah there buddy, not the time to be showing off. Certainly not about being a complete tool and stacking it in front of loads of people, anyway.

“When he fell down, I was looking at him like, come on get up there’s 80,000 people out there and we need to finish.”

Yeah, buck up mate. People paid to see us. Well, they paid to see Eminem, but still, we’re here now. Look lively

“It’s an awful, awful thing that I can’t quite believe. I keep playing it through my head.”

Anyway, fans of Albarn’s other project The Good, The Bad & The Queen rejoice, for in the same interview it turns out the supergroup will definitely release another album this year, having coralled the top team of legendary drummer Tony Allen, The Clash’s Paul Simonon, and The Verve’s Simon Tong for their 2007 debut.

Gorillaz are currently on tour behind their latest album, The Now Now. Their second annual Demon Dayz Festival takes place this fall: Erykah Badu, the Internet, DRAM, Kilo Kish, Little Simz, and more are slated to perform.

Photo: Press