Nice version of ‘Help’, and Sir Paul decked him once
Andy Hill
15:57 6th July 2018

Nineties grunge singer who’s apparently still going Eddie Vedder, him off Pearl Jam, played a lovely stripped down version of Beatles’ classic ‘Help’ at a recent show, which reminds me of the time Sir Paul McCartney punched him in the face at a bar.

Anyway, blah bah blah, here’s Vedder onstage with Pearl Jam the other day in Prague, playing a lovely solo rendition of the Fab Four hit, co-written in 1965 by a geezer who twatted him so brutally – like, right in the fucking kisser – he wound up tasting his own blood.  

According to Vedder, whining like a little girl during a radio interview with SiriusXM last year, McCartney was hanging out in a hotel bar telling an anecdote about a time he’d previous hit another man. 

Sir Paul, we’re told, mimed punching somebody, but ‘accidentally’ caught Vedder in the face.

“I remember tasting a bit of blood,” Vedder sobbed, adding that – naturally – McCartney apologised, probably just adding insult to injury. 

“And I remember when it went away, when the pain subsided and the swelling went down… I kinda missed it.”

Cool. Anyway, Vedder’s wife Jill, who is probably mortified that her tough guy rockstar husband had his ass handed to him by ‘the cute Beatle’, recently sassed Melania Trump onstage at Pearl Jam’s Milan show. 

Mrs. Trump caused controversy when she wore a jacket that read “I really don’t care do u?” to visit children who had been separated from their families at the US-Mexico border.

Jill Vedder was seen wearing a jacket that read, in response to Trump: “Yes we all care. Y don’t u?”

Too right. 

Anyway, to recap: Eddie Vedder was pulverised by the bloke who wrote the Frog’s Chorus. 

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