Singer has bittersweet reunion…
Jason Gregory

16:34 5th June 2007

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Jarvis Cocker was reunited with his father recently - who left the family home when the singer was only seven years old.

Cocker flew out to Australia, alongside his sister Saskia, especially to meet his father, Mack, who hadn’t got in contact with the singer despite his success with Pulp and now as a solo performer.

Although the pair hadn’t seen each other for so long, Cocker admitted that it was a bittersweet reunion. He said: “If this happened on a TV show we'd all have been in floods of tears and declaring how much we loved each other. But although we are biologically related it was like meeting someone I didn't know. We didn't have a parent-child relationship."

Cocker, who was talking to the Radio Times about the meeting, also admitted that his father wasn’t what he expected. "I had built up a picture of the man I thought he would be but then I faced the reality. It was difficult." 

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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest