Conrad Keely reveals all...
Daniel Melia

10:11 11th July 2006

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are readying a new album for release this Autumn.

The Texans will release the as yet untitled long player on October 2 via Interscope with the tracks being recorded at the bands own Mob House studio in Austin.

Following the debacle over last album ‘Sources Tags & Codes’, which was delayed by the label for six months to accommodate other higher profile releases, Conrad Keely has revealed that he almost quit making music.

He told Billboard: "I put everything I had into that record, and recording it was a miserable ordeal. After its reception I was pretty much ready to retire from music and find another career, convinced that I wanted nothing more to do with making music for anyone.

“But when we started this new album, which was meant to be an EP, I had a different attitude. Mainly, I tried not to care at all, and approach it with a more 'I don't give a fuck' outlook’."

He added: "Of course, it's impossible for me not to care, and when work got underway with this album I became just as emotionally involved as before, and it was another miserable ordeal, but at least I don't work at a coffee shop."

The new album will feature guest appearances from the likes Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer plus members of Austin band Brothers & Sisters.

The band will head out in the Autumn to take the album live alongside Blood Brothers who also have a new record due.

Of the live dates Keely said: "It's going to be particularly hard playing some of these new songs without the help of the backup singers we used in the recording."

"I wouldn't mind taking a break from touring all together, and possibly starting a family, somewhere far away like Australia or Venus."