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Daniel Melia

12:40 17th February 2006

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Ah Mogwai, they’re always good for a nice rant and today’s topics of choice – James Blunt, Chris Martin and the Brits.

First up we get Barry Burns’ opinion on pap warbler Blunt’s musical pedigree, he says rather graphically: “I have spewed blood down dirty toilets with more talent than him. Twat.” Ain’t that a nice thought?

Moving onto Martin, who Burns seemingly has as much disdain for as Blunt, he says: “Coldplay's Chris Martin hinted he may avoid the limelight. ‘People are fed up with us and so are we,’ he said. No shit fuckface.” Barry, where did all the hate come from?

Burns however, does have nice words for the Arctic Monkeys and their no show at the Brits, he says: “The Brits. First off let us say a big well done to the arctic monkeys for not turning up to the Brit awards and instead playing a gig in Portsmouth."

However,  he doesn’t have a good word to say about the awards themselves: “Why would you go? I think you have to pay to go anyway, which is a joke.”

“And the Kaiser Chiefs won best ‘rock act’ which is just mental. They're not a rock band. (I met one of them in Japan and he was lovely, if a little scared by my over-affable-drunkness but they're no rock band).”

“We all know that the winners are discussed between the big major labels and they decide who'll get the honours that year. Before you dispute this, we know, we've been told by one of them. What a waste of everyone's time and money.”

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