As soon as possible...
Lowri Williams

11:07 6th January 2006

Kate Moss’ jilted junkie lover, Pete Doherty is to have a tattoo dedicated to the supermodel lazered off his arm.

The heart shaped tattoo that features the letter ‘K’ at its centre is to be removed; the Babyshambles frontman said he wants it gone “the sooner, the better”.

Moss dumped the musician after he bailed on rehabilitation treatment she had paid for after just a few days.

She has not returned to the UK after the Daily Mirror published pictures of her snorting cocaine despite police officers calling for her return.

She has recently been pictured on a skiing holiday in Aspen, Colorado with her daughter and family and new man, Jamie Burke.

Doherty is said to be devastated that Moss has found someone else so soon but is now determined to get rid of all memories of his ex-girlfriend.

An insider told the Daily Star: “Pete just wants to get rid of anything and everything which reminds him of Kate at the moment, which is understandable.

“There was so much love there on his side and now he is pissed off that she seems to have moved forwards with her personal life so quickly.

“There Kate Moss is, living this life of luxury, and Pete’s just having to get on with it – and it hasn’t been easy. It was only last month he split with Kate so he is still feeling very vulnerable.”

Well...its not like he didn’t have a choice…dickhead!

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Photo: Linda Chasteau