The book will also offer background details and more
Julian Marszalek
11:34 1st August 2017

Former Screaming Trees vocalist, solo artist and serial collaborator Mark Lanegan has announced details of a book of lyrics. Entitled I Am The Wolf, the lyric book, complete with the stories behind them, is published by Da Capo Press on September 5.

I Am The Wolf presents Lanegan’s lyrics, the stories behind them and the albums they created. Comprised of 13 chapters, he book also details recording sessions, one-offs and collaborations with Lanegan writing candidly about his life and his creative approach.

It should make for impressive reading. In addition to his own solo work and that with Screaming Trees, he’s also worked with the likes of Isobel Campbell on three albums of duets, Queens Of The Stone Age, Soulsavers, The Gutter Twins, Moby, John Cale, Twilight Singers and many more.

Velvet Underground founder member John Cale writes in the book’s preface: “When reading Mark’s lyrical thoughts, it’s impossible for a person to tune out the voice that burrows deep inside. Of course, separation is possible, but an unnecessary step to understand the infinite stages of soul-searching crafted within the penned thoughts of raging gentility that is Mark Lanegan.”

Chrome domed techno vegan Moby added: “Reading these lyric poems – a life’s work – you start to feel as if you’re watching a time lapse of darkening weather. The storms come in and the storms go out and sometimes they rage, but in the end we’re becalmed. And there’s Mark, sitting in this formerly drunken boat, a wry smile on his face.”


Photo: Press