The former partner of Brian Jones and Keith Richards made a huge cultural impact
Julian Marszalek
11:25 14th June 2017

The actress and model Anita Pallenberg, who was a muse to the Rolling Stones and one of the key faces of the 60s, has died at the age of 73.

The cause of death is unknown. Her friend, the actress Stella Schnabel, on announced her passing on Instagram.

Born in German-occupied Rome in 1944, Anita Pallenberg helped define rock’n’roll just as much as the Rolling Stones did. Expelled from school at the age of 16, she moved in to modeling before moving to New York and entering Andy Warhol’s circle of friends at the Factory.

She entered the Rolling Stones’ inner circle after making her way backstage at one of their concerts in 1965 and soon stating going out with founder member Brian Jones. Her impact was instantaneous and her influence on Jones was obvious as his look became increasingly flamboyant. Following a series of violent altercations, she left Jones for guitarist Keith Richards, an event that contributed to Jones’ decline. Her and Richards would go to have three children.

She made her influence felt on the band. Having provided backing vocals on ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, the parent album, Beggar’s Banquet, was remixed after Pallenberg voiced objections over how it was sounding. Keith Richards’ appearance changed after getting together and together the pair made for one of the most striking and memorable rock couples ever. Indeed, his sporting of the greatest rock hair do ever and his love of scarves can be directly attributed to Pallenberg.

Anita Pallenberg also starred in a number of iconic 60s movies including Barbarella and Nic Roeg’s Performance with Mick Jagger.

Pallenberg and Richards split a few years after the guitarist was arrested in Toronto in 1977 for possession of heroin and cocaine.

She later pursued a career in fashion after graduating from Central St Martin’s after completing a four-year fashion and textile degree in 1994.

Unlike Richards, she never wrote a memoir but such is her legend that one seemed unnecessary.

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