As heard on Peaky Blinders
Jessie Atkinson
11:40 8th November 2019

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Jehnny Beth of Savages excellence has released an industrial takedown of the concept of inherent good and evil. All overdriven guitars and shrieking glitches, 'I'm The Man' is a headfuck of a tune with a curveball piano section.

The frontwoman, vocalist and co-writer of Savages shares her new song with the news that it will make up part of the current Peaky Blinders soundtrack. If you're a fan, you'll recognise the sounds from episode four of the current season. Hear the furious industrial cut here on Gigwise:

Short and not so sweet, 'I'm The Man' is performatively aggressive, glitching riffs and hints of finger-bleeding metal guitar adding steel to lyrics that raise an eyebrow to the idea that people are either only good or only evil. 

On her new solo endeavour, Beth said: “‘I’m The Man' is an attempted study on humankind, what we define as evil and the inner conflict of morality. Because it is much easier to label the people who are clearly tormented by obsessions as monsters than to discern the universal human background which is visible behind them."

Light to the perceived dark comes through in a gentle piano section towards the end of the cut, its stark change in tone a reminder that nuance lurks in every person's psyche. 

Savages are currently on a break, but Jehnny Beth has collaborated with PJ Harvey, The XX, Gorillaz, Julian Casablancas and Anna Calvi since 2017. 

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Photo: Steve Gullick