The actor will present a personal selection of films
Julian Marszalek
09:34 12th June 2017

With just a few weeks to go, the Glastonbury Festival 2017 bill has been given a further line-up boost with the addition of Liam Gallagher, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and, probably best of all, a real-life astronaut in the form of Mike Massimino.

The former Oasis frontman, now forging his own solo career, has been added to The Other Stage tea-time line-up at 5.45pm on Saturday, June 24. Judging his recent comeback gigs, you’ll be able to hear his new material as well as the old Oasis favourites that you can bellow along to after your seventh pint of mulled cider has slid your throat.

But what of Mike Massimino? An American engineer and NASA astronaut, he’s flown on two space shuttle missions to make repairs on the Hubble Telescope. Going straight to the top of the ‘People You’d Love To Have A Pint With’ list, Massimino will be speaking at the Free University of Glastonbury, whose programme of talks take place in the Crow’s Nest at the top of The Park. Massimino will appear at 2pm on Friday, June 23. That really should be a blast.

Finally, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp is the guest of honour at the festival’s new drive-in movie area, Cineramageddon. The actor will will introduce his personal choice of films, which will screen through the night on Thursday, June 22. He’l also discuss his selections with Cineramageddon curator, the film director Julien Temple.

Depp has chosen The Libertine, Bruce Robinson’s forever-quotable 1987 comedy classic, Withnail and I, and Jim Jarmusch’s 1995 psychedelic western, Dead Man.

Speaking of his choices, Depp said: “The Libertine is one of those films that got lost in the shuffle. It’s a film that a lot of people on which worked very hard, and one that I am very proud of.”

Of Withnail & I, Depp commented: “No film has ever made me laugh more, or filled me with so much joy… and dread! For me, this is perfect cinema. Genius.”

And what of Dead Man? “Jim Jarmuch’s epic visual poem. It’s unlike anything else. A film which means many different things to many different people.”