Grime fans offered a secret rave if they vote Labour
Julian Marszalek
09:40 16th May 2017

Following the news that grime star JME has endorsed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to almost 700,000 of his Twitter followers, a new pressure group called Grime4Corbyn has launched with the express intention of encouraging young people to register to vote in the upcoming General Election.

With the voter registration deadline of May 22 looming, Grime4Corbyn is raising awareness among 18-24 year olds of the issues facing them and urging them to register to vote. It’s also hosting a secret rave for those who sign up to take part in the electoral process.

A statement from Grime4Corbyn reads: “The #grime4corbyn idea is simple: to build on the support for Jeremy Corbyn amongst grime artists and connect this to young voters - by inviting them to win tickets for a secret grime rave held the week before the General Election.”

They continue: " hopes to harness this energy to help elect a Labour Prime Minister who will reduce the voting age to 16, cancel exorbitant university tuition fees, cancel zero hours contracts, and through a new genuine living wage and building 500,000 council homes a year, give Britain's young people the homes, jobs and education they need – for the many, not the few.

Grime4Corbyn also stress grime’s anti-establishment edge: “From Dizzee Rascal rapping “I'm a problem for Anthony Blair” on ‘Hold Ya Mouf’ in 2003, to Lethal Bizzle's Guardian op-ed 'David Cameron Is A Donut' in 2006, to Novelist's David Cameron-sampling 'Street Politician' in 2016, this marks the first time the grime scene has come out in favour of a particular party and candidate”

They conclude: “Young people, and the grime scene, can win this election for Jeremy Corbyn.”