Zimbabwe’s most exciting young group
Olly Telling

17:32 6th March 2017

Listen to the first track to be released from Mokoomba’s upcoming album, Luyando. Luyando will be the first LP the six-piece from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, have released since their acclaimed international debut Rising Tide in 2012.

“Give me some water to drink”, the band harmonises through the ritualistic repetition of the song’s outro. Throughout the track the polyglot vocals shift between English and two languages of Mokoomba’s native Zimbabwe, Luvale and Ndebele.

'Mokole' invokes the traditional rituals honouring the Victoria Falls, and the song is a reincantation of a tradition that is particularly pertinent now during a time of drought across Zimbabwe. But as the band explains, it is also a calling on the next generation to look after their local environment, a reminder that “The waterfall is a life giver. It brings us water to drink”.

Such a sentiment has a universal appeal as well as a local poignancy during a time of political uncertainty and disintegrating cultural traditions in the band’s home country. The rawer, more acoustic approach on the new album is also likely to see the band again transcend their geographic boundaries and find international acclaim as Zimbabwe’s most exciting young group.

Following the release of Luyando on 10 March this year, Mokoomba will be playing live in the UK on the following dates:
Saturday, 17 June 2017 @ Africa Oyé Festival, Liverpool
Sunday, 18 June 2017 @ The Forge, London

Photo: Eric van Nieuwland