Some fans were surprised by political views that have never been kept secret
Julian Marszalek
10:11 11th July 2017

Roger Waters is no stranger to controversy and it’s difficult to shake the feeling that the former Pink Floyd bassist allowed himself a smirk upon hearing that some fans booed and walked out of his show in Houston and New Orleans last Friday and Saturday nights (July 7 & 8). The fans apparently offended by his opinions of US President Donald Trump.

Waters is currently touring the US in support of his new album, Is This The life We Really Want?, his first new album since 1992. And maybe it’s been that long since any of those folk walking out of Waters’ show have actually listened to any of his music. After all, it’s not as if Waters has made any secret of his politics. Or have they been too baked to pay any attention to, say, Pink Floyd’s ‘Us And Them’ or their 1977 album, Animals? And that’s just for starters.

Possibly not, given the reaction to ‘Pigs (Three Different Ones)’. According to the New Orleans Advocate, “...a procession of profane images of the current American president filled the massive screens: Trump as a baby, being held aloft by Russian President Vladimir Putin; Trump as a statue with an exceptionally small penis. The parade continued for several minutes, followed by examples of infamous Trump quotes.

“Finally, the words ‘Trump is a pig’ filled the screens, as if the point hadn’t already been made.”

Cory Garcia, a Houston Press Reporter, told KHOU: “I don’t think you can claim to be a Pink Floyd fan and not know what Roger Waters political leanings are. He’s never hidden them, and he’s never been subtle at them.”

He added: "Mocking the president in a free and democratic society, we have every right to do so. Do I feel that a line was crossed at any point? No. I don’t think there was any more mockery that you see at most rock concerts these days.”

What next? Folks getting upset because Billy Bragg votes Labour? It's all too much!

Photo: Press