The city's council is expected to formalise the decision today
Julian Marszalek

09:23 12th July 2017

Ariana Grande is to be made an honorary citizen of Manchester for her efforts in organising a concert to raise much needed funds for victims of the terror attack in the city. Twenty-two people were killed when a suicide bomber attacked concert goers at the end of her concert at the Manchester Arena on May 22.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that city councillors are due to meet later today (July 12) to formalise her distinction in recognition of her work in putting together the quickly arranged One Love benefit concert. The concert featured performances from Robbie Williams, Liam Gallagher, Little Mix, Coldplay, Ariana Grande and many others at took place at the Emirates Old Trafford on June 4.

The council meeting agenda states: "This council recognises that the loss of so many innocent lives cruelly murdered on the night of May 22 at Manchester is something that will always stay in our hearts and minds.

"We recognise too the magnificent response to this tragedy from people already at the scene, from first responders, from the vast range of public service workers, and from many ordinary members of the public.

"We further recognise the exceptional way in which Manchester people from all parts and from all communities that make up this great city, came together in sympathy, in defiance and in unity.

"The events of May 22 and the days after have made us aware that though the city has many award ceremonies that other than Freedom of the City, we have nothing to recognise outstanding and exceptional contributions."

It adds: "The council further resolves that Ariana Grande should be the first to be made an honorary citizen of the city of Manchester."

Photo: Press