The teens don't want to miss 'the chance of a lifetime'
Cai Trefor

08:43 16th December 2016

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With tickets for Justin Bieber’s British Sumer Time and Cardiff Principality stadium going on sale today (16 December) at 9am, the degree of importance getting a ticket is for a Belieber will be being felt like a tremor throughout the superfan circuit.

This is a popstar who has fans outside Rio de Janeiro’s Sambadrome waiting to be get as close to him during the gig as possible by camping out for five months before the ‘Sorry’ Canadian star is due on stage. So, it’s hardly strange to learn that for certain young people school is second to Bieber.

Bieber is due to play Tel Aviv in May and it’s his first performance there for five years, it just happens to be the night before the national biology exam.

Washington Post reports that according to Israel Army Radio, pro-Bieber Israeli high school students are livid.

The fans have taken to social media to voice their frustrations to the Ministry of Education that they move the exam to another date.

“With due respect to biology, Justin Bieber does not come to Israel every year. This exam will prevent many high school kids from going to his performance,” wrote one student on the Facebook wall of Israel’s National Student and Youth Council.

Check out these fans who have started camping out at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 5 months before Justin Bieber's #PurposeTour.

— (@JBCrewdotcom) November 3, 2016

The council on Sunday had shared a WhatsApp message calling for the exam to be moved because of the show, thinking it was luricrous: “This is one of the weirdest requests we have received, what do you think?”

Little did they realise the backlash and the movement to reschedule it received a lot of support.

“Of course. This is right! It’s not an opportunity that will repeat itself, maybe it is even the chance of a lifetime. We have to try and delay, I hope we can,” wrote another teen.

“Too right. This is a one-time performance and for some people it's very important to them. I see why those who are majoring in biology have to make the choice of giving up on the show. The school board really needs to try help move it. This really sucks and I, as a biology student, really don't know what to do,” wrote another student.

Anti-Bieber fans ended up mocking their peers.

Israel Army Radio said the Education Ministry responded by saying the test is scheduled for 2:30 in the afternoon, which is enough time to recuperate. Fans ultimately don’t agree.

Tickets for Bieber’s London show at Hyde Park and Cardiff Municipality stadium are on sale today. Check here for ticket information.

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