Motorhead frontman immortalised forever
PJ Thorne
13:22 29th August 2016

Motorhead frontman and legendary hellraiser Lemmy may have tragically lost his battle with cancer (aged 70) last December. But his loyal fans have made sure that his image will last forever.

August 24th 2016 saw a 6ft bronze statue of the bass player unveiled at his favourite Los Angeles bar, The Rainbow Bar & Grill. Which is situated on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip.

The project was made possible after a fan-based crowd-funding campaign rasied over £16,000 to create a permanent memorial for one of rocks most iconic figures.

Lemmy's partner Cheryl Keuleman and the bands manager Todd Singerman were in attendance for the event.

Singerman was quoted as saying "Lemmy was real, He did not take any bull and he lived his life the same way both on and off the stage".