The new frontman says he's open to new material
Andrew Trendell

10:17 8th June 2016

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Adam Lambert has been touring with Queen as replacement for the late, great Freddie Mercury for quite some years now - and now he says that he's game for recording new material with the rock legends. 

Ahead of their headline slot at the Isle Of Wight Festival this weekend, Lambert told Digital Spy that he would glady make a record with the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' icons, providing the sound was right. 

"If something sounds cool and it's the right thing to do at the right time, then I'm game," he said. "I haven't heard anything like that come up. But also, maybe it's an issue of, is that Queen without Freddie?

He added: "To me, Queen is... that's why we're billed as Queen plus Adam Lambert. I'm their guest who's filling in by singing these songs and having a great time doing it. But it's not necessarily Queen."

Watch our interview with Brian May below


Speaking to Gigwise about Lambert's role in the band, guitarist Brian May said: "He brings new blood; he brings enthusiasm, energy and opportunity. How could we do this without him If you looked for someone like that you would never find them."

When we asked last year if we could expect a new album, he replied: "Not at the moment for Queen, no," he replied. "I’m writing for a project I’m doing with Kerry Ellis at the moment got a couple of new things for that she’s a nice outlet and it’s stuff I’m very excited about."

Queen are set to play the Isle of Wight Festival alongside The Who, Stereophonics and Faithless this weekend. See the full tour dates below. For tickets, and more information visit here.

Thursday 9 June - Isle of Wight - Isle of Wight Festival
Sunday 22 May - Barcelona, Spain - Palau San Jordi
Friday 27 May - Cologne, Germany - RheinEnergie Station
Wednesday 15 June - Brussels, Belgium - Palais 12
Saturday 25 June - Piazzolla sul Brenta, Italy - Anfiteatro Camerini

  • The Beatles: Pete Best - Ringo Starr: Best sat behind the drums for The Beatles between 1960 and 1962. It has never been confirmed why he was asked out of The Fab Four, some believe he was too good looking, others reckon he wasn't evolving fast enough as a musician. Either way, Ringo Starr took over percussive duties from that point forward until the band's split in 1970.

  • Blink-182: Tom DeLonge - Matt Skiba: Unceremoniously leaving the band last January was a shock for DeLonge fans worldwide. He jumped ship looking to pursue more 'non-musical activities'. The remaining members of Blink recruited Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba to take over on guitar for live shows. They'll be entering the studio to record new material in August.

  • Pixies: Kim Deal - Kim Shattuck: Following the announcement that Deal was leaving Pixies, the rest of the band found themselves another bass/vocalist named Kim (Shattuck, from The Muffs). This replacement didn't last very long, removing Shuttock from the band three months later after the release EP1, their first new material in over 20 years.

  • Queen: Freddie Mercury - Paul Rodgers - Adam Lambert: Losing Freddie Mercury was a huge blow for music, and as a result Queen remained singerless for 13 years. Paul Rodgers took over as a part of the band in 2004 as a touring singer until 2009. When Rodgers stepped down, Adam Lambert took over in 2014 with his impressive three octave range (one less than Mercury).

  • Dead Kennedys: Jello Biafra - Ron Greer: After reforming in 2001, the Dead Kennedys had no interest in inviting original singer Biafra back on the grounds of the financial lawsuit he was involved in. Cycling through a few singers over the years, DK settled on Wynona Riders' Ron Greer who fronts the band to this day.

  • Arctic Monkeys: Andy Nicholson - Nick O'Malley: After adopting a non-stop lifestyle as the UK's most hyped band, the Arctic Monkeys bassist took a few months from May 2006 break due to "fatigue following an intensive period of touring". Nick O'Malley took over bass responsibilities temporarily until June 2006 when it wasn't so temporary, more permanent.

  • The Velvet Underground: Lou Reed - Doug Yule: Not happy with the way the band was progressing, Lou Reed quit before their fourth album, Loaded, was released. Doug Yule swapped his bass for a guitar and stepped up to mic for the following tour. He then single handedly recorded Squeeze, the fifth 'unofficial' Velvet album which was officially terrible.

  • Slipknot: Joey Jordison - Jay Weinberg: Jordison's departure in late 2013 was shocking after 18 years as their drummer. He claims he would never "abandon" Slipknot although the band have not commented on whether he was actually kicked out. Jordison was replaced by Jay Weinberg of Bruce Springsteen's band; there's no better credential for a replacement musician than that.

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers: John Frusciante - Josh Klinghoffer: Of all the RHCP guitarists, Frusciante was the longest lasting and most impactful. When he officially left in 2009, lifelong Chilis fan and guitar prodigy Josh Klinghoffer took over for their tenth studio album in 2011, I'm With You.

  • Metallica: Cliff Burton - Jason Newsted - Rob Trujilo: Burton became part of Metallica in 1983 when the band were "blown away" by his use of wah-wah pedals. After Burton's untimely death in 86, Newsted took over after learning the band's entire setlist for audition. He left the band in 2001 after reaching a point of diminishing returns with the music he loved. Robert Trujilo picked up the bass for Metallica in 2003 just in time for the release of their eight album, St. Anger and continues to play with the band today.

  • Green Day: Josh Kiffmeyer - Tre Cool: The former Isocracy drummer, Josh Kiffmeyer who played on the band's debut album, 39/Smooth. Leaving the band in late 1990 to study at college, Tre Cool started playing drums for the band until he was offered a permanent position. Kiffmeyer "graciously accepted" this change of roster.

  • New Order: Peter Hook - Tom Chapman: When New Order 'broke up' in 2007, their management released a statement reading: "Peter Hook can leave the band, but this doesn't mean the end of New Order." The band reformed in 2011 with Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman in place for Hooky who was off performing as Peter Hook & The Light.

  • Oasis: Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs - Gem Archer: Bonehead left Oasis in 1999 amicably to, supposedly, spend more time with his family though rumours say it was a falling out with Noel. Gem Archer was enlisted by Noel a few days after Bonehead's departure. Archer became part of the band around the same time as Ride's Andy Bell who both continued to be part of Oasis until the bitter end in 2009.

  • Kaiser Chiefs: Nick Hodgson - Vijay Mistry: After 12 years in the band, longtime drummer Nick Hodgson left to concentrate on other projects. Vijay Mistry from the band Club Smith replaced Hodgson and filled the percussion roles for the Kaisers fifth album, Education, Education, Education & War.

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