It looks like new music is on the way
Andrew Trendell
17:47 29th February 2016

Gerard Way has told fans to expect a huge announcement soon, with news around new music coming in March.

The former My Chemical Romance frontman released his acclaimed debut solo album Hesitant Alien back in 2014, but now fans are hopeful that new music could be coming very soon. 

This weekend saw Way take to Twitter to inform fans that news would be coming very soon:

Speaking of his hopes for album No.2, Way told Gigwise: "I see Hesitant Alien as a really great kind of start-off or kick-off. I always saw it that way. There are a lot of elements that I want to explore within that album. A lot of what I looked to with this album, besides Britpop, was glam, David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

"I also started experimenting with horns. I feel myself moving more towards that direction and horn arrangements and exploring different types of music. I've been listening to a lot of Bobby Womack, and I'm trying to figure out ways to incorporate that into my music."