The band reimagine their classic hit for new acoustic album
Andrew Trendell
12:43 26th February 2016

Think back to never-ending summer days of youthful escape way back when, and one of the bands that would have soundtracked those halcyon days would be American Hi-Fi. They're back, with an acoustic version of their multi-million self-titled debut album - get an exclusive taster with their re-imagined version of hit single 'Flavor Of The Weak' below. 

“The guys at Rude Records asked us if we would be interested in doing an acoustic version of our first album," says frontman Stacy Jones. "We said 'No'. Haha. Then we thought about it for a minute and decided it sounded fun! It was most definitely a challenge."

He continued: "Translating big guitar, riffy rock music to an acoustic form can be difficult. Part of the reason we agreed to do it is that we like to be tested. This record, being our first, was obviously a pivotal and important time for us, both as a band and personally. It was fun to relive some of those erstwhile emotions as we re-recorded the album.

"We set up at Sunset Sound and recorded most of the album live with minimal overdubs. Some of the songs retain their original arrangement, while others took on a new life.”

Bring those good days back to life with a timeless classic. 

American Hi-Fi Acoustic will be released on 29 April. Pre-order it digitally here and physically here.

Photo: Press