The hilarious video is a must see
Cohan Chew

11:42 21st December 2015

A YouTube artist, Bart Baker, has produced a very funny parody video of Adele’s ‘Hello’ that revolves around the persistently annoying problem of poor phone signal.

The video features Baker dressed in drag, personifying Adele, dramatically singing about his lack of phone service to the tune of Adele’s latest hit. The video is hilarious and the YouTuber somehow pulls off a great impression of Adele’s vocals.

In the video, the impersonated Adele is locked outside and stranded in a forrest with no phone signal, as she tries to tweet her fans. “Hello oh God no why?/I still have zero bars outside,” are amongst some of the hysterical lyrics.

We’re not sure the real Adele is someone who’ll like your parody, Bart Baker, but we certainly do!

The real Adele’s latest album, 25, recently became the biggest-selling album in the US since 21.

Watch the video below: