After four years away from the limelight, Good Charlotte are back
Alexandra Pollard

10:56 4th November 2015

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Great news die-hard pop punk fans - Good Charlotte have announced that their four year hiatus has come to an end, and teased new material to boot.

The band released their fifth studio album, Cardiology, back in 2010. A year later, in an interview with Rolling Stone, they announced plans to "step away from the grind of making records and touring for a minute." That minute ended up being four years.

Now though, the wait for their return is over. Yesterday, the band revealed a 30-second clip of new material, alongside a video that sees hands texting the song's lyrics: "I'm dying tonight and the whole world is laughing / Like everyone I know has gone away / I'm dying tonight... But no one is crying / It's not alright, no matter what they say."

Watch Good Charlotte's comeback teaser below


Posted by Alternative Press on Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The band are yet to announce specific details of their new album, but fans will be crossing their fingers that whenever it materialises, it'll be accompanied by a tour.

  • In recent years, the "indefinite hiatus" has become particularly fashionable - check out the artists currently taking an extended break without completely kicking the bucket.

  • The Walkmen: This one came as a bit of a shock, especially when it was described as an "extreme hiatus" by the band's bassist. Thankfully, that was a little exaggerated - The Walkmen still love each other, they just want time. We can allow them that, but let's not leave it too long, yeah?

  • Pure Love: With only one album and a number of live shows under their belt, it's fair to say that Pure Love's announcement of an indefinite hiatus came out of the blue. The excitement surrounding the band, from both members and fans, was short-lived then, although they might be back at some point. Maybe when Frank Carter fancies a bit of crooning again?

  • Darkside: We like Darkside's style. After dropping an incredible debut album with little fanfare and gaining a reputation for dazzling live shows, the pair withdrew at the top of their game by simply announcing that they were "coming to an end, for now". Teasing.

  • Scissor Sisters: It's been three years since Scissor Sisters announced an indefinite hiatus during a show at Camden Roundhouse and, a year later, Ana Matronic was already clarifying the band's position. They haven't permanently split, alright? It's just that pop bangers take a long time to write, obviously.

  • Hadouken!: Announced late last year, Hadouken! revealed plans to take an extended break and, predictably, "focus on other projects". We're not sure how desperate people are for this hiatus to end, but it's described as 'indefinite' so the timeline for this one is anyone's guess.

  • Gorillaz: What with him being busier than most, we think we can forgive Damon Albarn for allowing Gorillaz to slip into hiatus. Initially describing future material as "unlikely" due to a fall out with collaborator Jamie Hewlett, the pair have since worked out their differences and are planning to release something in 2016. Finally, a hiatus with an end in sight.

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Plenty of people feared that this was a permanent split due to tensions in the band, but Karen O was quick to clarify. In regard to new material, she explained that they simply hadn't felt "that itch." We await their return with baited breath.

  • Guns N' Roses: When do we ever know what Guns N' Roses are doing? Does anyone actually care these days? A new album is supposed to be coming, but the departure of yet another guitarist has plunged the band into hiatus. Perhaps they should just stay there?

  • The Last Shadow Puppets: Alex Turner and Miles Kane delighted indie boys and girls throughout the land with a sound drenched in old school nostalgia, yet the duo haven't released anything since their debut album in 2008. Questions are routinely asked and met with empty promises - although the pair are forthright in the fact that they haven't split up. Could 2016 finally herald the release of a new Last Shadow Puppets album?

  • The Gaslight Anthem: While the band aren't officially on hiatus just yet, they will be by the end of the month, as Reading and Leeds festival have been marked as their last shows for the foreseeable future. Disappointing, sure, but at least they've given us some time to digest the news.

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