The indie heroes return, kicking off with a special London show
Andrew Trendell

10:40 20th October 2015

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Amazing news for Mystery Jets fans - the band are back with a brand new album, kicking off with a special London launch show next month. See full dates and ticket details below. 

Curve Of The Earth, the 'Two Doors Down' heroes' fifth album, will be released on 22 January - self-produced by the band in their own Stoke Newington studio. 

"For us we’ve been through quite a lot in the last couple of years and there have been certain realistions that come with playing in a band that has been together for over two decades, I think these songs have real feeling about them," said bandmember Will Rees. 

Watch the trailer for the album below

"I think making the record in our own studio has meant that we can take longer on things, frontman Blaine Harrison told Gigwise earlier this year. "We're not sort of clocking in and clocking out, which is both a great thing and a bit of a gripe because it means that you can sort of go on forever and it's quite hard to know when to draw a line and say 'right, something is finished'. We've recently started sending off the first few tracks to be mixed, and that's felt really nice because it feels there are actually some goalposts and this music is actually going to get heard by someone at some point.

"As we're leaking things to the mixing room, we're hearing tracks back and it's really exciting hearing someone else's impression of what we're doing. "

Speaking of the direction of the record, Harrison said: "It's quite early doors to maybe say what the record sounds like, but what I would say is that a year ago we thought that we were making a completely different record. The tracklisting was completely different and the majority of the songs that were on that record haven't ended up on this album, so we've kind of made two albums."

He continued: "There are some moments on there for people who love our big choruses - there are some big choruses on there. There's also some of the things that got us into forming a band in the first place - not necessarily our prog roots showing through but there are definitely some wig-outs. I guess ask any band that has been around for a few years and they'll probably say that their audience has changed, and with each record that's definitely been the case for us.

"I can remember on our first record, it felt like it a lot of the people who came to our shows came on their own, they didn't come in big groups, they were like 'This is my band'. Rather than a mass appeal it seemed like more of a secret, and then we seemed to get a younger audience and more girls coming to our gigs, and then it seemed to be girls that have got their boyfriends into it, so a lot of couples - now I'm not sure what this record is going to be."

Harrison added: "I think it's comprised of things that have had a trace in our other albums, but I also hope that it's something that's completely new. 

The band will be playing the album in full at a special launch show at London's ICA on 10 November. For tickets and more information, visit here

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