The singer's lawyers have issued a cease and desist
Alexandra Pollard

10:16 18th June 2015

Courtney Love has issued a cease and desist order against a new documentary which accuses her of orchestrating Kurt Cobain's death.

After a long battle with drug addiction and depression, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain died in 1994 from a shotgun wound, and his death was ruled a suicide - a ruling that is generally accepted today.

There has always remained, though, a small number of ardent conspiracy theorists who believe Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, is responsible for his death. The trailer for a new documentary, Soaked In Bleach, features interviews with several people, including the private investigator Love hired a week before Cobain's body was found.

It suggests that the pair were going through a divorce, and that Love killed her husband in order to gain his money. It also accuses her of faking the suicide note by tracing letters from his notebook.

Watch the trailer for Soaked In Bleach below

Unsurprisingly, Love is not thrilled at the prospect, and her lawyers have issued a cease and desist letter, which reads, "The Film falsely presents a widely and repeatedly debunked conspiracy theory that accuses Ms. Cobain of orchestrating the death of her husband Kurt Cobain."

It continues, "There is simply no credible evidence to support any of these defamatory claims, as has been publically known for years. In 1994 the Seattle Police Department (“SPD”) investigated the tragic event of Mr. Cobain’s death and concluded the case a suicide. In the 20 years following Mr. Cobain’s death, no one has presented any colorable case of involvement of our client. Finally, SPD re-examined Mr. Cobain’s death in 2014 and, again, concluded it was a suicide.

"Any accusation that our client was responsible in any way for Mr. Cobain’s death thus cannot have any credibility. Any alleged factual representation to the contrary would be knowingly false, and hence intentionally and maliciously defamatory. "

Read the full cease and desist letter from Courtney Love's lawyers here.

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  • Courtney killed Kurt: One of the most well-known conspiracy theories out there, many Nirvana fans believe Cobain's ex wife Courtney Love had him killed by hit men, with believers citing the fact his suicide note was written in the third person amongst evidence Love is responsible for the Nirvana frontman's death.

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