This Steve Albini produced rock track shows Macca's son on strong form
Cai Trefor

14:00 30th March 2016

James McCartney has unveiled the video to 'Unicorn', taken from his forthcoming second studio album, The Blackberry Train. You can watch it first on Gigwise below.

'Unicorn' is an urgently melodic track that melds smart hook and feral alt-rock sound with the grandeur of psychedelic music. It's the strongest heavy track to have come from Paul McCartney's son. 

The appointment of Albini as engineer for 'Unicorn' is perhaps a consequence of McCartney's admiration for Kurt Cobain as Steve Albini's engineering skills was such an important part of Nirvana's success. But beyond any sentimental reason, Albini is a very logical choice for McCartney's sound. His strong clean vocal and distinguished heavy rock guitar skills are a match for Albini's love of gritty raw rock.

McCartney is a late bloomer in the music industry, but his hesitancy is understandable, as releasing music in a climate where he'll always be compared to the genius of The Beatles, is a difficult environment in which to compete.

He appears to be making up for lost time as 'Unicorn' hints at a successful follow up to his his 2013 debut album. It's a track that's going to endear fans beyond those curious to see what the son of a Beatle looks like.

The surreal video that accompanies the single was directed by Sholto Crow, who spoke to Gigwise about his commission.“It's quite Jungian! It's inspired by James' lyrics, primarily , and also by Carl Jung's explorations of the human psyche." he tells us. "The house as a metaphor for the subconscious, the emergence of thoughts and ideas, the development from primal to mathematical, inner- and outer-space, self-awareness. All pointed to by seeing the sequined head James commissioned from a South American artist, which we featured in the video."

He concluded, "It’s a homage to creative expression and the beauty of physics and space”.