Check out the Manchester band's excellent new EP here on Gigwise first
Andrew Trendell

15:55 9th July 2014

If like your music to epic and heart-wrenching but never overdone, then look no further than hotly-tipped Manchester newcomers Girl Friend. Hear their new EP, Everyone Wants To Be Wanted, on Gigwise first below. 

Described as the product of "lust and unhealthy obsession - haunted by dreams of dark rooms, bright lights, smoke and mirrors" and "the soundtrack to a life lived beyond means, finding glamour in the mundane, in pursuit of something more than this", one is immediately grabbed by the sheer scope and ambition of Girl Friend's sound. 

They're likely to draw unfair comparisons to Peace due to their laissez-faire vocals and bright guitar work, but that would be a huge disservice to Girl Friend's widescreen, cinematic approach - allowing their music space to breathe as well as prove infectious. It demands repeated listens, and to be heard on huge stages by massive audiences in the year ahead. 

 Hear the Gigwise premiere of Girl Friend's Everyone Wants To Be Wanted EP below

Girl Friend release the Everyone Wants To Be Wanted EP on 4 August. Pre-order it here.

For more information on Girl Friend, visit their official Tumblr here

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