Eleven signed guitars will be auctioned on eBay
Julian Marszalek
11:05 23rd August 2017

Queen guitarist Brian May is set to auction 11 Badger brand guitars this weekend in aid of badger charities. The celebrated plankspanker and astrophysicist has campaigned for years against the controversial badger culling policy that was designed to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis. Opponents to the policy claim that’s destined to fail.

May has teamed up with guitar manufacturer Mark Badger (yes, really!) and Philip White, founder of Red Badger Records, to offer custom guitars via eBay.

Anne Brummer, spokesperson for May’s Save Me Trust, said: “The trust’s core work is in halting the badger culls and protecting and strengthening the Hunting Act. Science clearly shows that killing badgers will never stop bovine TB in cattle. Save Me aims to work collaboratively to find the solution to this devastating disease.”

Mark Badger said: “Hopefully through the auction and surrounding publicity generated over the coming weeks more people will awaken and be made aware of all the cruelty and stupid acts that have been taking place over the past several years.”

Philip White added: “I have always wanted to take my charity work to the next level. This will hopefully be the first of many projects – and hopefully more will be badger oriented.”

Funds raised though the auction will go to groups working in the areas fighting the badger cull. The eBay auctions commence at noon every day from August 26 until September 5. Each auction will run for 24 hours.