For fans of Frank Turner, but with a good deal more theatrics
Will Butler
11:43 6th October 2015

Felix Hagan and the Family is a theatrical punk project from London and is important for two reasons: it's Frank Turner endorsed and bloody good fun. Listen to the project's new track, 'Kiss The Misfits', below.

"Within about 30 seconds of them taking the stage, I was sold, a total convert, a newly-signed-up member of the cult." The words of popular songwriter Frank Turner about the madness of seven-piece Felix Hagan and The Family who's brand of dramatic-rock has been turning heads all over the country.

Not theatrical in the way of Titus Andronicus' 30 track rock opera, but in the way of grandiouse sing-a-long choruses and battle-cry deliveries as the mundane topics of everyday life are tackled with glittery abandon - you won't be able to resist their charm, we don't care how cool you think you are.

Listen to 'Kiss The Misfits' below

Learn more about Felix Hagan & The Family below and all the social medias:


Photo: Press