For not challenging Oasis...
Lowri Williams

13:53 12th October 2005

Noel Gallagher has dismissed the current music scene as “boring” after his aging band Oasis picked up two Q Awards on Monday.

Oasis won awards for ‘Best Album’ and ‘The Peoples Choice Award’ which left a daft Gallagher wondering where all the kids are.

The 38 year old said: "What does it say about the state of music today that it's left to us to dominate these events? I'm 38. I shouldn't really be here. It's embarrassing.

"Where are all the 21-year-olds? Where's the next Liam Gallagher?

(Isn't he in Kasabian?)

"Oasis have been going for 20 years and we shouldn't be getting all the awards today.

"There should be young bands coming through. There has been nothing to challenge Oasis at all.

Hmmm, not unless you count Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines, Bloc Party and all those other new bands travelling the world at the minute…

Noel continued reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ (a sure sign of aging) "Remember what it was like in 1994 when we came on the scene? It was a movement that swept the country. There has been nothing like that since and I think that is pretty bad.

"The album charts at the moment are really boring and bland."
Ok, but Q magazine is a total dad mag, boring and bland, Oasis ain’t cutting edge Noel – get over yourself!!!!