Ditching guitars for dubstep, Boy Kid Cloud is looking to the future
Jenny Chu

14:11 29th June 2012

Darryl Reid member of These Furrows has recently switched the guitars and rock for something a bit more electronic and now works under the name Boy Kid Cloud, turning his attention to Dubstep.

Now producing and remixing his previous bands material as well as his 4 track solo EP ‘A Better Version Of Me’ which is out on the 30th July (pre order it now on itunes!), the 21 year old has been showcasing his broad and extremely entertaining talent.

If Skrillex, Flux Pavilion and Doctor P opened the door for dubstep then the Boy Kid Cloud is strutting down the red carpet right now.

Boy Kid Cloud took the risk of doing things completely independent with his quick rise to stardom reward for a great deal of hard work and undoubted talent.

It's fair to say that Boy Kid Cloud has the potential to have Skrillex as well as his peers Rustie and Hudson Mohawke watching their backs in the near future.