Sam Johnston gives an insight into the fast rising four piece...
David Renshaw

12:54 27th March 2009

In 2009 to be a band is a precarious occupation. Unless you’ve got synths, Joy Division’s back catalogue or a lead singer called Bono this year isn’t looking great, particularly for the humble indie band. That is until you hear Flashguns, a straight up four piece carved from the same wood as The Maccabees and post-punk icons Gang Of Four.

“We’re not a band that started from a scene”, says lead singer Sam Johnston, “a lot of bands come from a certain school in North London like UCS or City Of London and they all know each other and help each other out but we were stuck out in Sussex so are very much our own band. It’s a conscious effort to make a slow progression as opposed to a really big hype band exploding onto the scene and then disappearing five minutes later. It’s good to get to know a band first, hear their demos and watch them grow.” With the window of opportunity shrinking with every second this organic approach is refreshing to hear.

Flashguns hit the road last month on a triple bill of superb new talent. Lining up alongside Norwegian disco fiends Casiokids and Manchester’s dirty little secret The Answering Machine was a great experience for Sam, “The gigs are where this band really come alive I think and we want to be the best live band we can possibly be. The show is very energetic and we don’t hold back- we have a great dynamic between the band and we always leave the stage absolutely knackered. We hope that the crowds feel as happy watching as we do playing the songs.”

To coincide with the tour Flashguns released the Stephen Street (Blur, Kaiser Chiefs) produced single ‘Locarno’ which you can download now. It’s a sugary sweet gem that calls to mind both the Underage sponsored bands of recent times such as Cajun Dance Party whilst sounding simultaneously timeless. “When I write songs I’m always thinking about the biggest scale I can take them to. I really respect a band like The Killers who write songs that sound absolutely huge. That’s where I want to be with this band.

With a youthful spring in their step and an album full of “brilliant pop songs” behind them Flashguns certainly won’t be over any time soon.