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Jessie Atkinson
15:05 13th November 2020

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What a beautiful country Switzerland is. Jaw-dropping lakes, friendly people, political neutrality. Their music is top notch too, though it truly doesn't get the spotlight it deserves.

It's been a year since our press trip to Switzerland to find out more about a country that has little to no international music coverage. We dug into some juicy details on that jaunt and looked at some of the talent emerging there.

Now, we take you through 13 of the best new artists and bands from every corner of the country with the square flag:

Priya Ragu

Newly in the world as an artist proper, Tamil-Swiss artist Priya Ragu launched her first major label single release this September. Pretty big moves for such a new artist, check out her first ever single 'Good Love 2.0' for the first taste of more to come in the way of Tamil-inspired modern pop.


If House is your kind of thing, look a little further afield than you usually might and you'll find Sensu, an electronic producer living in Baden. Signed to Universal Switzerland, she's picking up listeners in her home country as well as Germany. If you're into the strobe-slicked perfection of a tight beat-maker, give Sensu a spin.

Sirens Of Lesbos

With the release of their debut album SOL under their belts, Bern's Sirens Of Lesbos have had spins on UK radio for their groove-led concoctions. Leading with soul and following up with hip hop, dub, indie and electronica, this is a group with a knack for pulling everything together in a neat, wavey bow.

Black Sea Dahu

We've been fans of this collective for well over a year now, after falling for them in the intimate surrounds of The Walrus at The Great Escape in 2019. 'In Case I Fall For You' is your gateway drug to a folksy world of impeccably plucked instruments and wistful vocals. It's easy to lose yourself in the world of Black Sea Dahu.

Sophie Hunger

You may have heard of Hunger, who has linked with Britain's Speedy Wunderground head Dan Carey for two of her most recent delicately anxious albums Molecules and Halluzinationen. She's a good one to check out if you're a fan of wonky electronic compositions powered by punk energy. 

Panda Lux

Sucker for a synth? Course you are. And so are Panda Lux, who make hedonistic, maximalist indie pop with its head in the clouds. Dark and sensuous, their new album Fun Fun Fun is a must-listen for those of you who fancy yourselves chain-smoking, velvet wearing mystery men. 

KT Gorique

This French-speaking Swiss artist is a formidable rapper who achieved the title of Swiss and then World Champion at a 2012 hip hop improv contest called End of the Weak. Now eight years later and still not yet 30, she's in the midst of a streak of releases that show off her hip hop, ragga and rap chops.


With a huge listenership in Switzerland, Pronto is at the head of a Swiss rap pack - artists who write in German. If you're a fan of trap and cloud rap, you'll like these mellow, decadent sounds.


Geneva's turn for the limelight, and the funk group L'éclair, whose slick, bulging basslines and spiky riffs carry them through several minute-long tracks that come from jam sessions together. In our eyes, funk has always been cool.


Released on their own Hummus Records, Coilguns have just shared the sinister 8-minute slow-burner 'Stay (In Your House)', a pandemic rock song that doesn't bang, but whimpers. It's a mellow jump-off for a band who have played with flavours of metal, blues and other experiments in the past. 

Jeans For Jesus

Another group from the beautiful city of Bern, Jeans For Jesus are a peppy, tongue-in-cheek indietronica proposition with a lot of material behind them. Plenty for you to dive into, and we reccommend you do.


Fans of The War on Drugs and Kurt Vile: meet your new favourite artist.

Annie Taylor

Sweet Mortality, this psych-pop band's debut album, was released this September and it's a mellow, cool girl guitar romp through desert rock, shoegaze, indie and pop influences. Lush. 

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Photo: Jenny Brough