The next Radiohead..?
Jessie Atkinson
09:47 2nd October 2020

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Flying into the music industry consciousness last spring with the "expansive" 'Pany' and picking up an early fanbase with absorbing shows at Kendal Calling, Live at Leeds Ones To Watch and The Great Escape, Zooni continue on their upwards trajectory.
Their new EP Familiar Ground dropped this morning following a dramatic showcase across their channels last night. The stream, which features all four Familiar Ground tracks and a slew of charming animations created by the band's own George Godwin, can be watched back on YouTube. We couldn't reccommend it enough.
"For this EP we wanted to avoid using computer plugins but to instead capture the sounds we created in the room" the band told us. "It was co-produced by Charlie Andrew (Alt-j, Marika Hackman) and our bassist Matt Glasbey."
We asked Zooni to take us into each mind-melting song on the Familiar Ground EP. Come with us to find out more about the band who have been touted as the next Radiohead...


'Dissolve' is about something so beautiful it takes away your sense of self when you are near it.

'The Details'

'The Details' is about a time when everything was going a bit wrong and needed to be put to rights with lots of big, wonky riffs.


'Cascara' is about overthinking everything. Living alone I realised I would come up with all sorts of wacky theories for happiness that bore no relation to reality and the song kind of makes fun of that.

'Familiar Ground' 

'Familiar Ground' was written a year or two ago before we had any label interest and we were going around doing quite a lot of really random gigs that never felt like they were getting us anywhere - and were sometimes just downright embarrassing. But it’s a happy song really, 'cause it’s more about friendship and how none of that other stuff matters when you’ve can always have a good time just laughing at yourselves...

Familiar Ground EP is out now via Square Leg Records.

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Photo: Luke Hannaford