The Brighton band tear our specially-curated Distiller TV sessions a new one with this blues rock brawl
Shannon COTTON
16:00 13th August 2019

Hot off the press, we’re delighted to share that Gigwise have teamed up with Distiller TV to bring you a series of carefully curated live sessions. Filmed in the beautiful surroundings of their custom studio just outside of Bath, for the next six weeks we'll be bringing you brand new videos from some of our favourite fresh acts.

First up is The Slaughter House Band with ‘I Hate TV But...’. Hailing from Brighton, it’s a potent concoction of blues, rock and punk that sounds a little bit like what might happen if Iggy Pop took on Shame in a barroom brawl. Commenting that the studio “looks like the Avengers HQ”, guitarist Charlie Sherbourne tells us, “that was the first time that we’ve been filmed.”

Watch our first Distiller TV session below:

Speaking about the track after recording their session, singer and guitarist Raz Hyland tells us, “I wrote ‘I Hate TV But...’ when I was watching John Wick: Chapter 2. It brought up lots of philosophical questions in my head, very deep film [laughs] and I just paused it every five minutes and wrote a line about how I hate TV but all I ever want to do is watch it.”

And there’s plenty more where that came from. The band also performed another track, ‘She’ll Make Me Smile’, which will be coming to a computer screen near you soon. Speaking about that song Raz details, “It’s just about realising you’re not in love with every single girl you ever meet. Something doesn’t workout with a girl and nothing ever happens and that’s quite nice sometimes and they can just be a nice person in your life.”

With plans to release the two tracks as well as UK and European dates towards the tail end of the year, it’s a very exciting time for the Brighton outfit, with bassist Luke Davies explaining more about their enthralling live shows. “No one will see from the videos, but we’ve got an amazing tambourine player who literally pulls everything together, he’s wonderful, so that’s what you’ll see - a tambourine player going mental.”

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Photo: Chloe Dunscombe