Lee Glynn

11:19 10th July 2006
Las Vegas 5 piece emo hardcore outfit known as Escape the Fate, release their debut EP that will leave their contemporaries for dead, as it is one hell of an angst ridden sonic assault. Shunning the typical fashionably suicidal aesthetic that seems to come part and parcel with most emo bands, Escape the Fate are awesome musicians with a hatred for their surroundings and a desperation that fuels their screaming harmonies and goosebump inducing guitar hooks. With influences spanning from early Used to Aiden to Underoath, it’s refreshing to see a band with quality musicianship pull off tracks like the strikingly powerful hardcore anti-ballad ‘The Ransom’, rip through fantastic riffs that grace ‘Dragging Dead Bodies In Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills’ and conjure up shout out loud fist in the air chorus lines in the form of ‘The Guillotine’ that is as cool as it is thunderingly heavy. These Las Vegas boys will surely break free from the stigma attached to the Emo label as their sound is fresh, violent and full of promise. No gimmicks, no stupid “My girlfriend has left me” lines, just fucking awesome riffs that would put impress Maiden larynx bursting chorus lines that would make Funeral For A Friend nervous and a knife fight attitude. A band to keep on the radar.