Shifty Ryder

13:00 6th February 2004

Pygmy songs, stand-up comedy, samba-metal, blatant racism... it's all in a night's work for Multi Purpose Chemical.  I Blame the parents.

Quite how Animal Orchestra were supposed to fit in this line-up is unknown, but through sheer talent, they do.  Veering wildly from thrash metal - via soul - to anthemic indie it really shouldn't work - but the magnetism of front man Paul Crawford pulls it together.  This boy can sing.  The vibrato-style sometimes grates but hey, it's distinctive (note to 99.9% of singers - DISTINCTIVE).  Very, very good... shame I only caught half the set.

If you're the kind of person who would shag older brothers/sisters to get at their younger siblings, then attend a Zuprowski Connection concert.  For they are the sad older brothers of Hell is for Heroes, and distant cousins of the hideous Pearl Jam.  I for one, would rather have a wank.

What goes on in the heads of Andres, Rob, Jim and Ross (collectively known as Multi Purpose Chemical) is beyond me.  They're fucking mental, and compelling as a car crash.
No sooner have they barnstormed in with...erm, some barnstormer I can't remember, then they're either a)healing some poor soul in the audience, b)on their knees doing a pygmy song or c)drummer Ross has made his way to the front of stage to remonstrate with Jim for 'using' his computer porn.

Perhaps herein lies the problem - MPC don't seem to realise they actually have some good songs!.  Less comedy, more rock and they're onto something. In the meantime, they're THE most entertaining live band in Liverpool, so go experience 'em.