Another milestone ticked off for Stockport’s finest
Luke Scanlan
10:00 16th December 2018

The weary-eyed and broken bodies of Christmas party season in London were buoyed tonight (13 December) by the glittering boys from Stockport.

Blossoms are in town for what is an incredible night - when medleys of Oasis and Wham are rolled out, it is hard not to have a good time. The band, other than lead singer Tom Ogden, are not ones to pirouette and jump about the stage, with long hair hanging down, heads bobbing to the beat, they let the music do the talking. Ogden, however, commands the stage. Rocking a full suit with flared trousers, he is effortless in his approach and one armed with one of the best live voices out there. It rides smoothly along in tandem with each and every infectious rhythm that zaps out from the synthesiser.

One striking thing when seeing this band live is realising their perfected and unique sound. It is such a distinct sound. Where other artists try this and end up with a backlog of tracks that differ only slightly, Blossoms change it up whilst keeping it recognisable and keeping true to themselves.

Big hits ‘Blown Rose’, ‘Charlemagne’, ‘Honey Sweet’, ‘Cool Like You’ and ‘There’s A Reason Why’ are all out in force, making Brixton Academy combust with pop happiness. ‘My Favourite Room’ is a beautiful moment in the set. A solitary Ogden being illuminated by spotlights, looking god-like in front of this swaying crowd. Then there was ‘At Most A Kiss’, which sees a darker and more dangerous Blossoms come out to play.

This band are one of the most successful British indie acts in recent years, and it looks like things will only escalate, especially since next year sees them playing a huge homecoming show at Stockport County’s stadium, Edgeley Park. They have the potential to become a lot more influential in times to come, and who knows, we may all be wearing flares next year…

Photo: Sara Feigin