Because fuck it
Andy Hill
17:30 14th December 2018

Perennially agape pop starlet Miley Cyrus has teamed up with Mark Ronson to record a version of John Lennon’s immortal 1971 festive hit ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over)’.

Lennon’s son Sean is on it too.

The three are set to perform it on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and before you’re all like “wait, aren’t the lyrics a bit racist?” chill out, because they’ve changed them.

“So this is Christmas / for black and for white,” is fine, really, but the following couplet “For yellow and red ones / Let’s stop all the fight” won’t really fly in the woke era.

In fact, the Lennon/Ono estate is probably relieved that The Pogues take most of the annual battering for saying faggot.

Anyway, Miley changes “yellow and red” to “left and right”, which doesn’t scan nearly as well, but who’s going to fight about it.

Go on, put it on:

Alright, innit.

“It’s just so magic every time we sing it … goosebumps all over the place,” Cyrus told shock jock Howard Stern on his show this past Wednesday.

“This song … the way that it is so true to where we are right now and these lyrics of ‘what have we done?’ Are we doing enough, are we actually active? All we do is complain and we don’t actually get out there and do enough in our communities. I think it’s so timely for right now…”

Anyway, it won’t be the first time Cyrus has been on something properly legit. A few years back, you might recall, alt-J sampled her voice on haunting comeback song ‘Hunger Of The Pine’.

“I’m a female rebel”, you know, banger.

Cyrus and Ronson also have a proper record out, called ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’.

Photo: Sandy Kanphantha