The best Instagram accounts in music
Sam Meaghan
16:50 13th October 2016

We live in a world where nothing is more refreshing than peering into the lives of others. Be it celebrities, your best mates, or well some of your favourite musicians.

From nailing the use of the perfect filter, being intuitive with a #tourlife hashtag, or just showing that they are real human beings, musicians do love a good selfie. Instagram appears to be the home of all of those selfies, and if not that, pictures of their pets. Either way, some of them just like having fun and sharing that with their fans. Some of them even show a softer side.

Here are 49 of the best Instagram accounts to follow in music.

Clean Cut Kid


When you get to go on massive adventures with your fave human, every day. #boss #videoshoot #dreamteam photo by @coneysloft

A photo posted by Clean Cut Kid (@cleancutkidmusic) on

If you've ever wondered what life is like being in one of the cutest new bands around, look no further. Clean Cut Kid may only have a meagre following on Instagram compared to their contemparies, but they sure know how to melt your heart.

Swim Deep


@poonehghana probs posted this before but yolo

A photo posted by Swim Deep (@swimdeepbaby) on

Swim Deep are a gang of weirdos, but they are our weirdos, and we love them for that. Take a peak inside one of the most exciting acts in the UK's world by following their Instagram. If it's not out of genuine interest, it will be out of the need for a giggle, something they can definitely provide.

Billie Joe Armstrong


don't forget to watch Drunk History tonight on comedy central!

A photo posted by Billie Joe Armstrong (@billiejoearmstrong) on

Now this one is interesting, because the punk-rock god turned family man, is not the snarling hardman people tend to take him as. Instead, we see a proud dad, a sentimental chap, and of course a load of cool pictures of him playing live with Green Day.

Randy Blythe

Who'd have thought that one of the gnarliest bands in the world would have a singer so in touch with his artistic side. Some of the posts are of his band on tour. Most of them are random black and white pictures taken as part of his photography project.

Paul McCartney

It's Paul McCartney. Why wouldn't you follow him?

Max Bemis


Tiny cameo in the new Say Anything video.

A photo posted by Max Bemis (@maxbemis) on

Better known under the name of Say Anything, Max Bemis is one to shy away from the public eye. Yet, when the manic depressive turned family man got Instagram, it was one of the cutest discoveries. He simply shares pictures of his kids and his amazing dog. What more could you want.



Kanye taking down a Frappe

A photo posted by Fuckjerry (@kanyedoingthings) on

This is an Instagram account dedicated to Kanye doing things. Stop what you're doing an peruse the account.

A$AP Rocky



A photo posted by PRETTY FLACKO (@asaprocky) on

One of the coolest rappers out there. A$AP Rocky has an Instagram account, and event looking at the pictures gives you $wag.

Yoko Ono

Turns out Yoko is quite cool. Follow her for pictures of nice things.

Harrison Koisser


Painting the town red!

A photo posted by Harry Koisser (@harrisonkoisser) on

The Peace singer is already a bit of a diva with his fluffy coats and golden Les Paul, so that translated into images makes for quite funny viewing. Pouts and all.

Albert Hammond Jr


thank you @daineseofficial for my new track leathers! I want to wear them everyday! @seanmacd see you soon?

A photo posted by Albert Hammond Jr (@alberthammondjr) on

The iconic Strokes guitarist has aged well after all these year. His Instagram page is credit to that... And his love of motorbikes.

St. Vincent


Taking care of business. Everyday. #canttalkrightnowonareallyimportantcall

A photo posted by St. Vincent (@st_vincent) on

Not only is she great at guitar, writing songs, singing, and dressing nice, but Annie Erin Clarke, or St. Vincent, appears to be a great laugh. There also seems to be a running theme with the #canttalkrightnowonareallyimportantcall hashtag, who knows why, but it's funny.

Action Bronson

Action Bronson has one of those really infectious smiles, so this Instagram account could probably top all of the memes in the world. Follow for cheap laughs and pictures of beards.

Dave Grohl


That awkward moment when you want to laugh in a serious situation.

A photo posted by Dave Grohl (@davegrohlrp) on

Rock's nicest guy, Dave Grohl, has got an Instagram account, and it's as goofy as you would imagine.




A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Is that Drake or a meme? No it's Drake's Instagram account. Oddly interesting.

Patrick Carney



A photo posted by Patrick Carney (@officerpatrickcarney) on

The Black Keys' drummer is known for his off-kilter sense of humour, so now that he has Instagram it's like a stomping ground for weirdos to enjoy some great memes.



"Smoking Kills"

A photo posted by SKEPTA (@skeptagram) on

The grime artist has a hidden sense of humour that you would only know about if you followed him on Instagram.

Florence Welch

It's no secret that Florence Welch is really cool. So it's no surprise that her Instagram is really cool.

DJ Khaled


Mogul talk 🔑 🎥 @IvanBerrios1021

A photo posted by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on

... And another one.

Nathan Followill 


Blow me.

A photo posted by @ivannathaniel on

The nice guy in Kings of Leon has Instagram and it's as fluffy as ever. Family photos, baby pink chewing gum and lots of hair. Lots of it.

Snoop Dogg


A photo posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

Snoop Lion/ Dogg/ whatever, is a good laugh, so why not take a look at his pictures and laugh a long with the rap legend.

Ozzy Osbourne


Running Out Of Time #halloween

A photo posted by Ozzy Osbourne (@ozzyosbourne) on

As if you would not want to see inside of Osbourne's crazy mind.

Ed Sheeran



A photo posted by edsheeran 😸 (@edsheeran) on

Cats, Taylor Swift, and self-deprecating humour. Ed Sheeran is a must follow for those who like to know what one of the biggest musicians in the world is up to.

Trent Reznor



A photo posted by Trent Reznor (@treznor) on

Now, bearing in mind the dark, sordid features in Reznor's music you would expect something a bit weird on his Instagram. Alas, this is not so, turns out he's just a normal chap, with a lot of famous friends.

Jared Followill


Don't believe everything you read.

A photo posted by Jared Followill (@jaredfollowill) on

Light hearted fun is what the youngest of the Followill's takes part in online. See the above image for proof.

Mike Dirnt 


Back stage @jimmyfallon #BoomBox #RevRad

A photo posted by Mike Dirnt (@mikedirnt) on

The mean bass player of Green Day has Instagram and it's really goofy. Quite surprising, but all the more enjoyable.

Travis Barker


It's National Hug A Drummer Day 👏🏻 #DrumsDrumsDrums #JustDrum #HugADrummerDay 📸 @justwillieT

A photo posted by travisbarker (@travisbarker) on

Blink's drummer is undisputably the coolest of the trio, and his Instagram account just proves exactly that. It also shows him being a family man, which is always nice to see.



Obrigado SuperBock! C you soon Benicassim!

A photo posted by FIDLAR (@fidlar_la) on

It's no wonder that a band that forged their name in the sand by playing boisterous house parties, are such a fun-loving group. Their Instagram gives an insight in to the weird and wonderful lives they lead.

Wayne Coyne



A photo posted by Wayne Coyne (@waynecoyne5) on

It's no surprise that one of the best live bands in the world have a frontman who has a very intriguing Instagram account. A lot of bright colours.

Fred Macpherson



A photo posted by Fred Macpherson (@fredmacpherson) on

Probably lesser-known for his musical exploits than his god complex. One thing you cannot take away from the singer of Spector is that he has a great sense of humour.

Craig David


Ain't giving up (Behind the scenes) stills 📸 #FMI

A photo posted by Craig David (@craigdavid) on

It's no real surprise that Craig David made such a blistering comeback, is it. But his Instagram is littered with a lot of modesty and admiration for people who are helping him on his way.

Cat Power


#bootleg tee

A photo posted by CAT POWER (@catpowerofficial) on

Full of surprising quirk, the, 'Sea of Love' singer does seem to have a lighter side to life.

Ezra Koening


fuk it I'm a full time hat man now

A photo posted by Ezra Koenig (@arze) on

It's as weird as you'd imagine.

Bon Iver


Asia, We can't say thank you enough. Here's to an amazing tour. Let's do it again soon. #goodbye #boniver

A photo posted by Bon Iver (@boniver) on

Some of the pictures are quite eery, others just show the singer having fun. Regardless, Bon Iver is everyone's favourite guy so why not give him a follow.

Tyler The Creator 



A photo posted by Tyler The Creator (@feliciathegoat) on

He's quite controversial is Tyler The Creator, but his Instagram is just one big ball of fun. If you aren't following it, then what are you doing?

Todd Terje


Modifying my 808

A photo posted by Todd Terje (@toddterje) on

He doesn't really do anything other than work in the studio, but it's nice to know he's still alive.

Sarah Lipstate

Lipstate plays guitar for Iggy Pop and offers a bit of an insight into that insane part of music. She also posts a lot of guitar pedal porn.




A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Rihanna was banned for a bit for posting a naked picture, but now she's back and more PC than ever before.



A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Currently speaking, Beyonce is sharing lots of pictures of a Barbie Doll that's been modelled on her. Vein? Maybe. Creepy? 100%.

Nikki Minaj

Full of throwbacks and images taken from official photoshoots, this isn't exactly eye opening stuff, but if you're into her music and somewhat feisty attitude, this account is for you.

Miley Cyrus 


"Callin" off the campaign like... #HillaryClintonkickedasslastnight #debates2016 #imwithher

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Of course it's weird, it's Miley Cyrus.

Kim Gordon 


A photo posted by Kim Gordon (@kimletgordon) on

If you enjoy your rock memorabilia and the odd laugh, Kim Gordon's account is certainly for you.

Jon Wurster


"Sir, your question isn't too big, nor too small. It's just stupid."

A photo posted by Jon Wurster (@jonwurster) on

You would be forgiven for never hearing of Superchunk. But if you're an avid user of Instagram, you won't be forgiven for not knowing how funny Jon Wurster's account is.

Taylor Swift 

This is the embodiment of Swift's music. Annoying, smiley, and so hard to ignore.

Best Coast


With my crew

A photo posted by Best Coast (@best_coast) on

This is just full of fun stuff. See above picture for an example.

Katy Perry 


idc about followers but I hope this one gets me to 56 milly on ig cause my ocd is flaring

A photo posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Katy Perry is the queen of social media, so if you are not following her, what does that say about you?



When you locked out & @stevemandel doesn't amigo you back in studio.

A photo posted by Questlove Gomez (@questlove) on

For behind the scene pictures of Jimmy Fallon and some lighthearted funnies, follow Questlove.


When she's not falling over on the stage, Lady Madge is uploading pictures of her, and her friends.

P Diddy


@djkhaled #RMC2016 #LETSGETIT

A photo posted by PUFF DADDY (@iamdiddy) on

Someone else wrote that P Diddy's Instagram makes him look like he's living in a rap video from the 90s, and it's so true.