From Rihanna to Beyonce, the stars upstaged by their own fans
Alexandra Pollard
10:39 27th June 2016

Despite those who questioned whether she was right for the festival, Adele’s headline slot at Glastonbury this weekend was pretty much unwaveringly brilliant. Except, there was one tiny little waver...

It happened when, partway through a poignant rendition of ‘Someone Like You’, Adele decided to hand the mic to a member of the audience. Unfortunately, in the words of the 'It’s Sad When' Twitter account, he sounded “like a horse screaming through a trumpet.”

It’s always a risky move to offer your mic to a fan who is most definitely incredibly excited, overwhelmed, and quite possibly tone deaf. Sometimes though, it pays off big time. To soothe your ears after that Adele incident, here’s the four best times musicians have handed their mic to a fan.

A Melbourne teacher serenades Beyonce

During the Australian leg of her Mrs Carter World Tour, one fan was gazing so adoringly into Beyonce’s eyes that she handed her the mic partway through ‘Halo’. And what an excellent decision it turned out to be. Stephanie Totino, a teacher from Melbourne, proceeded to sing, “Beyonce I can see your halo, I pray it won’t fade away,” with an absolutely incredible voice. When Beyonce thanked her and walked away, Totino and her friends proceeded, quite rightly, to scream their heads off.

Rihanna goes through every range of emotion after a fan sings just four words and kills it

“All of my kindness,” Rihanna began during a rendition of her Kanye / Paul McCartney collaboration ‘FourFive Seconds’, crouched down next to a fan on the front row. “You ready?” she asks him, before pointing the mic his way. Boy was he ready. He sang just four words - “is taken for weakness”, and managed to pretty much steal the show. Rihanna looked confused, wide-eyed, angry, amused and then impressed over the course of the next few seconds.

An 11-year-old girl holds up a sign saying, “May I sing with you” at a Carrie Underwood gig

It’s hard to ignore a request as polite as that one, so Carrie Underwood brought Genesis Nava onstage to perform ‘Good Girl’. Underwood started the song off to ease the young fan in, before quickly realising that was entirely unnecessary.

Josh Groban sings a duet with a girl from the crowd

Though superfan Maude might not have been able to speak brilliant English (she was French Canadian), she still managed to absolutely nail a rendition of ‘To Where You Are’, much to the pure delight of Josh Groan himself.