From David Bowie to Amy Winehouse...
Scott Colothan

09:12 12th February 2009

To mark what would have been legendary British naturalist Charles Darwin's 200th birthday this week (February 12), I present a collection of songs to mark the occasion!  

Darwin also published his seminal book 'On The Origin of Species' 150 years ago this year, so I've come up with as many (loosely) evolution-related songs as possible. If you can think of any more, post them below.

David Bowie: 'Changes' – Nice and succinct, Bowie sums up evolution perfectly
Pearl Jam: 'Do The Evolution'
Bruce Springsteen:  'Part Man, Part Monkey'
Ian Brown: 'Dolphins Were Monkeys' - A bit skewed, but we'll let Ian off, he has smoked a lot of weed in his time. 
Korn: 'Evolution'  
Napalm Death: 'De-Evolution Ad Nauseum'
Destiny's Child: 'I'm A Survivor' - Sums up natural selection nicely. We're not sure the ultra-religious Beyonce would be happy about being on this list though! 
Michael Jackson: 'Earth Song'
Cher: 'If I Could Turn Back In Time'
R.E.M: 'Losing My Religion' – Exactly what Darwin was no doubt feeling while writing is theory!
The Chemical Brothers: 'It Began In Africa' – It is where man is believed to have first evolved after all.  
Fatboy Slim: 'Right Here, Right Now' – For that famous evolution video
Artichoke: 'Charles Robert Darwin' - Says all you need to know!
Elvis Costello: 'Monkey To Man'
Louis Prima & Phil Harris: 'I Wanna Be Like You'
– The tune the orangutans sing to Mowgli on The Jungle Book movie
New York Dolls: 'Dance Like A Monkey'
The Bee Gees: 'Evolution'
Motorhead: 'Line In The Sand' – Comes complete with the line “Evolution is a mystery, full of changes that no-one sees.”
Amy Winehouse: 'Monkey Man'
Buckethead: 'Future Evolution'
Bob Dylan: 'The Times They Are A-Changin'
Genomic Dub Collective: 'Natural Selection'
Godiego: 'Monkey Magic'

For those of you who get irked by creationists claiming the earth was built in six days and all that, CLICK HERE to see a comprehensive guide to musicians who have spoken out against religion.

Evolution song videos: 

  • R.E.M: 'Losing My Religion'

  • The Chemical Brothers – 'It Began In Africa'

  • Elvis Costello: 'Monkey To Man'

  • Louis Prima & Phil Harris: 'I Wanna Be Like You'

  • Ian Brown: 'Dolphins Were Monkeys'

  • Bob Dylan: 'The Times They Are A-Changin'

  • Korn: 'Evolution'

  • Amy Winehouse: 'Monkey Man'

  • Michael Jackson: 'Earth Song'

  • Fatboy Slim: 'Right Here, Right Now'