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Lana Del Rey reveals poster for short film, Tropico

Star films 'tale of redemption' to accompany tracks from her Paradise EP - see the poster


Lana Del Rey reveals poster for short film, Tropico Photo: Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey has revealed the official poster for her upcoming short movie project, Tropico, see it above.

Del Rey first revealed plans for the film last November, as a post-script to the 'Bel Air' video. It's now been revealed that the movie will be directed by Anthony Mandler, who handled the video for Del Rey's 'National Anthem' and her short movie 'Ride', as well as various videos for Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj.

According to LDR fansite, Tropico will include music from 'Bel Air', 'Body Electric' and 'Gods & Monsters' - all taken from her Paradise EP. It is also reported to feature actors playing Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Jesus - all referenced in the lyrics of 'Body Electric'.

The poster describes the movie as 'A tale of redemption told to the music of 'Body Electric' 'Gods And Monsters' 'Bel Air'.

The movie co-stars Shaun Boss.

A number of 'new' Lana Del Rey tracks have premiered online recently, including one, 'So Legit' which appears to mock Lady Gaga. Listen to 'So Legit' below.

Below: behind the scenes photos from Lana's new video shoot - is it Tropico?

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