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Calvin Harris Urges Music Role Models To Help Stop London Riots

He posts message on Twitter...


Calvin Harris Urges Music Role Models To Help Stop London Riots Photo:

Calvin Harris has called on musicians to help stop the riots in London.

In a message on Twitter, the DJ and producer urged music stars who may be idolised by the rioters to speak out in a bid to calm the situation.

“A lot of these kids have role models in music + a lot of these role models are staying quiet,” he wrote.

“They need to speak the f*ck up +help stop this.”

Harris also warned his followers that the riots have the potential to "make the UK a miserable place to live", adding: "We're going to have to become the ultimate policed country to cope with this."

The riots in London began on Saturday (August 6) in Tottenham and spread to south London on Sunday (7).

Last night, parts of Hackney, Croydon and Camden were also affected, while violence and looting was reported in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

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