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Jason Gregory

08:59 9th August 2011

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M.I.A has been criticised over her remarks about the riots in London last night (August 8).

The rapper was one of a number of musicians who reacted to the violence on Twitter as it continued to spread across the capital, as well as to other cities in the UK.

“I'm going down to the riots to hand out tea and mars bars,” M.I.A wrote.

Her tweet was immediately criticised by other users on the micro-blogging website, with one writing: “Bet she said this from her Bev Hills mansion.”

Another fan called her a muppet, while another said: “Not cool M.I.A.”

The DJ and producer Fake Blood wrote: “If anyone sees MIA handing out tea and Mars bars, throw her in a f*cking wheelie bin.”

Earlier this year, M.I.A's producer Diplo accused the star of glamorising terrorism and said she knew nothing about the political subjects that she uses in her songs.

The riots in London began on Saturday (August 6) in Tottenham and spread to south London on Sunday (7).

Last night, parts of Hackney, Croydon and Camden were also affected, while violence and looting was reported in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

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