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Eminem New Song 'Difficult' Pays Tribute To Proof

He remembers late rapper...


Eminem New Song 'Difficult' Pays Tribute To Proof Photo:

A new Eminem song, which sees him pay tribute to his late friend and fellow rapper Proof, has leaked online.

The track, entitled ‘Difficult’, emerged on various file-sharing websites on Thursday (December 30).

The slow-beat track includes the lines: “Doody, most of my life it's just been me and you ther, I continuously stare at pictures of you.

“I never got to say 'I love you' as much as I wanted to, but I do, Yeah, I say it now when you can't hear me. What the f*ck good does that do me now? But somehow I know you're near me.”

Proof was shot dead outside a nightclub in Detroit in 2006.

It is not clear whether 'Difficult' is a one-off single, or part of a new album. Eminem's last LP 'Recovery' was released earlier this year, and has been named the second biggest-selling album of 2010.

Eminem - 'Difficult' (via ThisIsNotMyNewAcct):

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