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MC Hammer Calls Off Feud With Jay-Z

Rapper wants the pair to move on...


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MC Hammer has called off his feud with Jay-Z, saying he wants the pair to move on.

Earlier this month, the rapper released the diss track 'Better Run Run', which included several lyrical references to Jay-Z, as well as a video featuring an apparent lookalike.

The song was MC Hammer's response to Jay-Z after he took aim at him on a new track with Kanye West.

But in an interview with AllHipHop, MC Hammer said he wanted the pair to settle their differences.

“As a responsible veteran of twenty-something years of this, I can't leave it out there with tensions,” he said.

"I am reading comments on both sides - it's not about that, I have seen all of that before. There is an opportunity to say at some point we [should move] onto the next thing. You know, Jay took his shot and I answered. Now let's move on."

Speaking about the feud last week, Jay-Z the song had been taken the wrong way and that MC Hammer would be embarrassed when he reads the rapper's forthcoming memoirs, Decoded.

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