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Sex Pistols Launch Own Perfume Fragrance

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The Sex Pistols are set to launch their own branded perfume later this month.

The unisex fragrance, which features the punk band's God Save The Queen imagery, will go on sale in the US on September 10.

It has been created in collaboration with the Paris-based perfume brand Etat Libre d'Orange and Live Nation, who control the band's merchandising deals.

The band refused to comment on the fragrance, but a spokesperson for Live Nation said they had been "closely involved".

Michael Krassner, vice president of worldwide retail and licensing for Live Nation Merchandise, told Billboard: "They know who they are better than we do. That's difficult in some respects, as opposed to someone who just approves everything.

"But ultimately, if you want your brand to endure, you have to have a level of consistency and quality over time."

In 2008, Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon was unveiled as the public face of a well-known brand of butter.

The singer helped boost the company's sales by 85%.

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