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Tattoos at the ready: Royal Blood are back

Hear new material now


Tattoos at the ready: Royal Blood are back Photo: Wenn

Royal Blood are back, revealing new material on YouTube with a tiny tease of a twenty second soundbite. You can listen to it below on Gigwise.

The sound might be DIY, but there is nothing garage about this grand reveal. Set in a grungy, underground tattoo bar to a cacophony of background instrumental, this is Royal Blood's natural habitat.

Noise mongers, Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher offer a scintillating clip that shares the same chugging dynamic and raw power of 'Figure It Out' off of their first album. For fans buzzing after the success of 2015's debut album, the wait is nearly over for new material from these south-coast desert rockers. Expect loud, unapologetically loud.

From what little we can glean, it seems as though the Brighton boys are keeping that Brit award-winning sound that saw debut album Royal Blood reach number one in the UK charts and a legion of fans eager for their Royal return.

Rory McInnes-Gibbons


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