A slice of filthy, old-school rock n' roll
Andrew Trendell
15:58 7th August 2014

If you're looking for the filth, fury and passion of old-school rock and roll but with a captivating modern edge, then Saint Agnes could be the band for you. Check out their new video for new single 'Old Bone Rattle' below. 

Jon Tufnell of The Lost Souls Club and Lola Colt’s Kitty Austen met and bonded over their love of Nick Cave and Jack White - and they've clearly picked up on that same cinematic darkness and raucous sense of scale. The video for the dirty blues rocker of 'Old Bone Rattle' is simple black and white affair, letting the ferocious chemistry of Tufnell and Austen do the talking before morphing into some trippy psyched-out visuals. 

Watch the Gigwise premiere of 'Old Bone Rattle' below

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