Limbs flail, the roars are holy and fun is had at every single junction...
David Renshaw

12:21 8th April 2009

From the wall of fuzz comes the chant, "Dan-anan-anaykroyd".  Four times they repeat the best band name in music before lead singer Calum Gunn grabs the mic and with a cheeky introduction of "Hiya!" 'Hey Everyone!' is underway. From thereon in there's no time for rest. Limbs flail, the roars are holy and fun is had at every single junction. Dananananaykroyd are party starters with depth, a speed-metal college rock aping troupe of side projects, elaborate stage shows and frantic hypersonic pop songs. They have made one of the best debut albums of the year.

From supporting Foals and Kaiser Chiefs to turning every toilet venue in the country into a wall of cuddles Danana... have been building up to this moment all their lives. 'Hey Everyone!' is a celebration and conglomeration of six minds all pulling in the same direction, the same skewed and twisted vision. The album sounds like a celebration, a culmination of ideas and success at getting them down on record. Recorded with uber-producer Machine (Who worked on Danana's Awesome Pals Johnny Foreigner's album) much of the material on 'Hey Everyone!' will be familiar to die hard fans. From the Moshi Moshi released single 'Totally Bone' to last years 'Sissy Hits' EP the Glasgow bands previous output is all remade with high production values and expensive gloss. As a result the vocals come through like a scythe, clear and cutting, whilst the guitar and drums ricochet off one another with vigour. New tracks like 'Watch This' and 'One Chance' show aggression mixed with a nihilistic sense of fun whilst in 'Black Wax' Danana have a bona-fide pop smash in their arsenal.

It is however the older songs which you feel inclined to repeat over and over. 'Totally Bone' and 'Infinity Milk' come on strong and don't let up. It's hard to describe this as metal or hardcore as it lacks the serious business style of those genres. neither though is 'Hey Everyone!' in any way ironic or tounge in cheek. It's just a riotous, rip-roaring good time from begining to end. As the Les Savy Fav-esque '1993' (A band they share a lot in common with) hits another home run, there's no doubt that this is a special record from a wonderful band.