Smacks of a band trying too hard to impress its audience...
Michael Took
10:41 9th March 2009

Although David Bowie was recently blamed for the UK’s current economic turmoil and subsequent recession via his ‘Bowie Bonds’ in the mid nineties, the Thin White Juke made a much bolder prediction in 2002. Speaking to The New York Times, Bowie stated that ‘music itself is going to become like running water or electricity’.

It’s as though the genre-defying hit machine had received a tip-off from Nostradamus as a surge of listless bands came to the fore, all vying for a piece of the social networking generation. Rattling guitars and rudimentary verse just don’t cut it anymore - a band needs to delve further to separate themselves from the advancing pack.

Step forward once again Pure Reason Revolution - a quartet returning to the fray that refuses to be thrust under any damning music label. The way they approach their craft is intriguing enough, but Amor Vincit Omnia smacks of a band trying too hard to impress its audience. Keep Me Sane/Insane is a prime example of this labouring process; split into three parts, it’s a messy progressive rock affair - taking its cues from Evananscene and loaded with textural harmonies that are crammed into the mix just for the sake of it.

The hybrid of influences grates throughout - Deus Ex Machina sounds like a ghastly mash-up between Pendulum and, yet again, Evananscene - a plodding slice of angst rock that sounds forced and hollow. There is one saving grace; the sleek Les Malheurs - a chugging, electronic hook skilfully lifted from the Depeche Mode songbook. Sadly, the rest of the album struggles as PRR thrash their way through numerous genres - the abysmal robo-pop of Disconnect has to be an early contender for the worst track of the year. Pure Reason Revolution clearly have an abundance of musical talent at their dispense - it’s just a shame they waste it on pretentious soundscapes rather than anything containing a little heart or soul.